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#Job IDTitle# OpeningsLocationRateDurationPostedCategory 
1 205793 Office Administrator C 1Gary, IN$DOE2 months03/22/2023ADMO,
2 205763 Customer Communications Advocate 13Raytown, MO$DOE6 months03/20/2023ADMO,
3 205716 Purchasing Assistant 1King of Prussia, PA$24.62 to $32.50 DOE9 months03/16/2023ADMO,
4 205539 Office Administrator B 1Huntsville, AL$DOE12 Months03/06/2023ADMHSM, OM
5 205492 Buyer 1Alachua, FL$18 to $20.00 DOE8 Months03/02/2023ADMO,
6 205464 Industrial Security Specialist 2 1Hazelwood, MO$DOE12 Months02/28/2023ADMO, S
7 205376 Customer Service Representative II 1Carson, CAUp to $22.00 DOE 02/22/2023ADMO,
8 205106 Procurement Coordinator C 10Berkeley, MO$DOE12 months02/08/2023ADMO,
9 205109 Procurement Coordinator A 15Charleston, SC$DOE6 months02/08/2023ADMO,
10 202330 Human Resources Specialist 1Northwood, OH$16.16 to $21.81 DOE6 months08/25/2022ADMO,
11 196955 Billing Clerk 1Sherman Oaks, CAUp to $22.00 DOE6 Months01/10/2022ADMO,
12 195431 Accounting Assistant 1Los Angeles, CAUp to $0.00 DOE 10/20/2021ADMO,
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