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#Job IDTitle# OpeningsLocationRateDurationPostedCategory 
1 185960 Expediter 2El Paso, TXUp to $21.69 DOE24 Months06/01/2020ADMO, OM
2 185962 Inventory Administrator 2El Paso, TXUp to $21.69 DOE24 Months06/01/2020ADMO, OM
3 185764 Accounts Receivable/Payable Clerk 1Tulsa, OKUp to $20.00 DOE3 Months05/08/2020ADMO,
4 185355 Associate Project Manager 1Carlsbad, CAUp to $21.00 DOE12 Months03/17/2020ADMO,
5 185235 Accounting Specialist 1Sabre Springs, CA$DOE6 Months03/10/2020ADMO,
6 185192 Accounting Assistant 2 1Irving, TXUp to $20.00 DOE4 months03/06/2020ADMHSM,
7 184879 Procurement Coordinator B 2Hazelwood, MO$DOE9 Months02/20/2020ADMO,
8 184453 Accounts Payable Admin 1King of Prussia, PA$DOE9 months01/31/2020ADMO,
9 183143 JTC_Administrative Support 1Syracuse, NY$DOE12 MONTHS11/19/2019ADMO,
10 182073 Security Escort 1King of Prussia, PA$DOE2-3 Weeks10/02/2019ADMO, TS
11 181881 Security Assistant Specialist 4Orlando, FLUp to $15.00 DOE6 Months09/25/2019ADMO, OM
12 174422 Accounting Assistant 1Playa Del Rey, CA$DOEPerm10/10/2018ADMO,
13 120289 Client Support Specialist 1Playa del Rey, CA$DOEPermanent11/16/2007ADMO,
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